Algebra Explorer

The love child of
a math text book and
a symbolic calculator

Run in the browser

Algebra Explorer runs right here in your browser, completely free, without any installation or plugin required. Just click the button below to get started!

Get for iOS

You can run the app in your mobile browser for free too, but if you want an offline version for your iOS device, or just want to support the project, you can buy Algebra Explorer in the App Store. The app version is completely identical to the online one.

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  • Full algebraic simplification of the expression you enter
  • Disclosure of every substep in the calculations
  • Custom parser tailored specifically for the app makes it easy to enter expressions
  • Decimal representation where applicable
  • 26 different types of expressions supported
  • 329 operations, each with its own in-depth presentation
  • An integrated vocabulary of 146 word definitions
  • A course of 56 lessons to walk through the contents
  • Explanatory texts in the app total 48701 words, equivalent to a 190 page novel!


For questions or feedback, visit us on Facebook or send an email! There is also a reporting tool inside the app which provides additional debugging info for us if you use it.

Demo video